10 Clearest Waters On Earth To Swim: The Best Beaches in the World

10 Clearest Waters On Earth To Swim: The Best Beaches in the World

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Depending on a season, we, travelers try to visit places that offers its best for that period. For instance, if we want to ski, we travel to the places that offers various skiing or snowboarding. If we want to enjoy the sunrise or sunbathe, we look for the beaches where we can enjoy the bright sun and swimming as well.

Due to coming summer travel season, I wrote about the Best California Beaches on my previous posts. Since that time, I got several requests and questions regarding the best beaches in the world. I decided to ‘globalize’ my topic and write about the best beaches in the world. Below in this post, I prepared the list of the beaches that can be helpful to you to enjoy the summer around the world. These are not only the best beaches in the world but also the clearest waters on the Earth. Enjoy your summer! ūüôā

1) The Maldives

The Maldives, Clearest Waters On Earth

(Photo Courtesy: Eric, Flickr)

Maldives is the most hospitable place where sands are white as the smiles of the locals. It lies in two rows of atolls in the Indian Ocean, just across the equator. 99% of the Maldives is made up of sea. About 90 islands are developed as tourist resort and the rest are uninhabited and can only be accessed via the sea. Maldives resorts are known as some of the best holiday resorts in the world.  The resorts are perfect places to sit on a beach with a cocktail on your hand and watch a dream sunset or fishes swimming just a few feet away from where you sit.

2) To Sua Ocean Trench, Samoa

Clearest Waters On Earth

(Photo Courtesy: RasheedFR, Flickr)

To Sua¬†is located in Lotofaga village. The site is surrounded with beautiful colorful gardens.¬†To Sua is translated as ‘big hole’ that is converted into a large swimming area. It is¬†a natural swimming hole with a ladder installed in 30 meters deep seawaters. ¬†The water of the swimming hole is so clear that makes it¬†unique spot to swim. It is open to visitors from¬†Monday till Sunday, 7:00am‚Äď6:00pm. The prize for adults is $15, children (7-15) – $6 and free for children under 7.

3) Bodrum, Turkey

Clearest Waters On Earth

(Photo Courtesy: Green Beach Resort)

Bodrum is a¬†district¬†and a port city which¬†is located on the southern coast of Bodrum Peninsula.¬†This unique place won¬†the title of¬†‚ÄúSaint Tropez of Turkey‚Ä̬†by¬†NYTimes¬†magazine.¬†The waters of the Mediterranean around Bodrum are so clear that boats seem to be hovering above rather that floating on water.¬†¬†The best beaches are Ortakent, ¬†Yalikavak, Gumusluk, and Bagla.¬†The nearest beaches are Gumbet (10 minutes) and Bardakci (5 minutes away). All are easily accessible using either bus or minibus.

4) Cala Macarelleta, Menorca, Spain

Clearest Waters On Earth

(Photo Courtesy: Matteo Merighi, Flickr)

Cala Macarella is the most beautiful beach on the island of Menorca. The waters are clear turquoise, the sandy beaches are surrounded by lush green trees and rugged rock faces.¬†It is a perfect place for families with walking age children. The best time is to go early morning, so you can take great photos. Unfortunately not buses go there, and taxis won‚Äôt take you all the way down to the beach either. There are 2 parkings, one is free which is little bit far from the beach, the other is $5 close to the beach.¬†You can either walk the last stretch approximately 10 ‚Äď 15 minutes or hire a scooter.

5) Sabah, Malaysia

Clearest Waters On Earth

(Photo Courtesy: Pusat Pengurusan Strategik dan Akademic)

Sabah¬†is the second largest state in Malaysia and¬†one of the thirteen states situated on the beautiful island of Borneo.¬†The beaches of Sabah are known for their white sands and crystal clear waters. Sabah has a diverse marine ¬†life in the world. The¬†exotic wildlife, a tropical paradise of soft sand with world-class resorts and facilities¬†make ¬†this place unique. Buses, taxis and boats are available to take you to this gorgeous place. In order to identify a taxi, keep a lookout for the words “Teksi”, “Teksi Bermeter” or “Kereta Sewa”. You can also order taxis through hotel services.

6) Jenny Lake, Wyoming

Clearest Waters On Earth

(Photo Courtesy: James Neeley, Flickr)

Jenny Lake is located in Grand Teton National Park in the U.S. state of Wyoming.  The lake was formed during the last glacial period approximately 12,000 years ago. Jenny Lake framed by the majestic Teton Mountain Range. The water never gets very warm in this mountain lake.  Once you get to the Grand Teton National Park, you can also enjoy hiking trails, scenic boat rides, climbing routes onto the tallest peaks of the Teton Range. Grand Teton Lodge Company with a partnership organizations called Linx provide arranging transportation in and around Jackson Hole.

7) Bonito, Brazil

Clearest Waters On Earth

(Photo Courtesy: 8 Things To Do)

 Bonito is the heart of eco-tourism in Brazil. The city has a growing reputation due to the clarity of its water. The rich array of aquatic life makes Bonito one of the best freshwater diving. There are nice places to do snorkeling, explore caves, ride horses, and hike. The optimum period to visit Bonito is between December and March, during the rainy season. There is limited rain between May and August  which means the waterfalls are not as spectacular. However you can still have a great time visiting the other sights.  There is only one bus company called Cruzeiro do Sul that departs every 2 hours during the day which works till 16:00.The bus service operates from Monday through Saturday. You have to purchase tickets at the bus station. Keep in mind that here is no bus service on Sundays or Brazilian Holidays.

8) Panari Island, Okinawa, Japan

Clearest Waters On Earth

(Photo Courtesy: Ippei & Janine Naoi, Flickr)

This small, isolated island is a hidden paradise beach of tropical Japan. Sandy white shores, sparkling light blue waters, coral reef and diverse marine life create an image of natural perfection. Okinawa which also known as the Ryukyu Islands (comprised of over 15o islands) is a popular destination for sun lovers as it offers large numbers of beautiful sandy beaches. This place is perfect to snorkel or go scuba diving, as many tropical fish can be found in the warm waters. However, you have to bring your own snorkeling gear, as there are no nearby shops. There are no hotels on this island too.

9) Primosten, Croatia

Clearest Waters On Earth

(Photo Courtesy: Yacht Charter Croatia)

Primosten is a town in Croatia which is famous for its huge and beautiful vineyards. The vineyards are currently under consideration to become a UNESCO World Heritage site and a photo of the vineyards hung in the UN center in New York.  The largest beach in Primosten is called Raduca. Primosten is the most photogenic spots on the Adriatic coast that has the clearest water and provides a perfect backdrop to spend time at the beach. The smaller part of this beach which is called Mala Raduca is voted one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Croatia. Primosten is also known for the traditional donkey race that takes place every summer. It is easy to reach town as many buses between Sibenik and Split stop at Primosten.

10) Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Clearest Waters On Earth

(Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International)

 Bora Bora called the most romantic island in the world for its dramatic scenery to the privacy and amenities of the overwater bungalows. The romantic resort welcomes couples for over 40 years and tunes special amenities to perfection. Each resort here has designed its own blend of unique romantic experiences for their guests. The island is surrounded by a lagoon and a barrier reef. The color of the waters are so clear and vibrant that shade from dark to light blue. It makes Bora Bora ideal place for divers to explore diverse underwater wonders. The romantic couples and beach lovers who looking for relaxing far away from civilization undoubtedly can chose this island. Bora Bora has few taxis and operates the public transit systems, Le Truck. Some restaurants also provide transportation to and from resort in the evenings. You can also rent a car or hire a helicopter for island tours.

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