5 Star Hotel ın Buyukcekmece, İstanbul

5 Star Hotel ın Buyukcekmece, İstanbul

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Eser Premium Hotel Spa

This is the 5 star hotel where I stay with my family in Buyukcekmece, Istanbul. We could get a great discount due to Ramadan month and the good thing is that the breakfast is included to the price. The hotel has fitness center, swimming pool, spa and massage center. All the mentioned amenities are included to the price (except massage). You just need to buy a swimming hat for 10 Turkısh Lira if you don’t have because it is prohibited to enter to the pool without a hat 🙂

The photos tell you everything that you would like to know. But if you want to know my experience at this hotel, stay tuned. I am going to share my experience about Eser Premium Hotel Spa in details very soon. Check ‘Travel Tips’ section, please 🙂

Eser Premium Hotel Spa Eser Premium Hotel İstanbul


Front Desk/Receptionist


Front Desk/Receptionist


The main lobby


The main lobby. The way to the buffet


 I am ready for breakfast 🙂


This beautiful lady helps to prepare breakfast table


Turkish people love bread, especially ‘simit’ is the famous among breakfast breads. I love simit too! 🙂

Mmmm, I love cookies and sweets, no matter for breakfast or for dinner 🙂


Various types of cheeses and sausages


Varios hot meals (including soups) are offered for breakfast too


The main restaurant where customers eat after grabbing their food from open buffet


I don’t know this couple but I liked them enough to shoot theır photos 🙂


There is an option to order ceremony cake for wedding, birthday or other events

Eser Premium Hotel Spa

Special department for weddings and ceremonies. This is my favorite room. I love the fancy staff that they put in this room


My favourite part of the hotel, the piano section. However, I guess no one is playing 🙁


I just love piano!


Time for sport! Receptionist at the gym and spa department. She checks the customers name on a computer and provides them with towels for swimming.

Eser Premium Hotel Spa

My darling’s favorite place 🙂


The depth of the swimming pool ıs 1.40 m. The water is warm. It is prohibited to jump


I definitely don’t enter with jeans to the swimming pool, it is just for a photo session 😉 


Special tables for customers who want to have some food or tea, or just chat with friends at the table

Eser Premium Hotel Spa 

It feels so good when I stand under this ‘waterfall’


There are 2 pools at this hotel, one is considered for babies


I shoot the hotel photos and my baby shoots my photos 😉


View from Fitness Center


Fitness Center

Eser Premium Hotel Spa

Fitness Center

Eser Premium Hotel Spa

VIP (bed) room where I stayed with my family


There is a jacuzzi at the VIP bathroom.  


VIP (living) room

More photos and videos will be posted soon…

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