Amazing Photos of Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbul Image Gallery

Amazing Photos of Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbul Image Gallery

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My social network followers and friends probably know that I have recently traveled to Turkey with my family. Our Turkey trip was great! The weather was perfect by that time (not too hot or cold). I’d say that May and June months are great time for traveling to Turkey. I am going to write a separate post about our Turkey trip under “Travel experience” section. Now, I’d like to share the photos of Istanbul that I took with my iPhone.

I had my Canon camera with me but unfortunately I deleted all my professional photos from memory card. I searched a lot how to restore deleted photos from memory card but none of the tips were helpful. Taking photos wasn’t easy for me because I carried baby, photo camera, videocamera everything together. Sometimes baby was crying or tired, or sleeping on my chest. It was a big challenge for me to take perfect shoots of Istanbul with my iPhone. Hope you will enjoy Istanbul photos, sorry if they are not as high quality as you expected…

istanbul photo, Turkish misir/corn                                           Misir is very popular in Turkey. Misir is corn. They either boil or flame corn and sell it for 2 TL (80 cents)

Istanbul photo                                              Aya Sofia/Hagia Sophia

Istanbul photo                                            Turkish jewelry. (PS: My shadow at the window holding my baby and taking photos :))

Istanbul photos                                                      It is not culturally accepted for Turkish people to smile at you when they pass by

Istanbul photos

Istanbul Photo                                      Traditional Ottoman dress for whole family. I love Ottoman dresses, they look fabulous

Istanbul photo                                                    Traditional Turkish slippers, great for a gift

Istanbul photo                                        Traditional Turkish cup set with tea pot

Istanbul photo, Turkish carpet                                            Turkish silk carpet. It costs very expensive but the quality is perfect!

Istanbul photos                                                     I liked how they designed this wall, looks great

Istanbul photos

Istanbul photos                                             There are wild cats and dogs in Istanbul everywhere. People feed them by giving breads

Istanbul photos                                                 One of my favorite stores. They sell all types of Turkish playing instruments here.

Istanbul photos                                         We took IDO at Eminony in Istanbul. IDO means Istanbul Denizcilik Otobusu. IDO is a huge ship with lots of spaces for parking cars and takes passengers from Eminonu to 1 or 2 stations (depending on service type)

Istanbul Photos                                                  Good boutique at Sultan Ahmet to buy Turkish traditional souvenirs

Istanbul Photos                                             Shop assistants in Istanbul are welcoming and don’t mind when tourists take their photos even they are not shopping 🙂

Istanbul Photos                                                And finally I could take my photo too 😉

Istanbul Photos

Istanbul Photos                                              These guys sell organic natural juice that they made in front of you. And they love posing for photos 🙂

IIstanbul photos                                              Internet cafe in Istanbul. This cafe has souvenirs too

Istanbul photos                                         Most Turkish people drive FIAT, even taxi drivers. Because FIAT is the cheapest Turkish car that everybody can afford to buy

Istanbul photos                                        Gulhane station. People in Istanbul are relaxed. They put chairs, small benches everywhere and chat with each other.


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One thought on “Amazing Photos of Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbul Image Gallery

  1. Great photos, thank you.
    If you accidentally delete your camera card, put the card to the side and do NOT photograph over the deletion. Put the deleted card into your computer and the lost photos can be redeemed provided you did not photograph on top of them.

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