Australia’s 5 Best Destinations

Australia’s 5 Best Destinations

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Jane Rober, Australian Visa.
This time NurTravel’s guest is a passionate blogger, Jane Robert from Australia. She works on behalf of Australian Visa and has been writing contents on the web professionally since 2010. As an avid reader and blogger she shares her experience through her articles on Travel, Culture, History, Lifestyle and many more. She shares with travel lovers Australia’s 5 best destinations that you should visit. You are welcome to add in the comment the best Australia’s destinations that we could miss 🙂

Are you interested to visit attractive destinations in Australia? Making decision regarding the best destination to visit in Australia can be a tedious process. However, you still have higher chances of visiting historical destinations, great places in Australia or something like that, because we have a big list of the best destinations for you, it is composed of the most perfect popular and cool destinations in Australia.



(Photo Courtesy: Planet of Hotels)

It is the capital city of the New South Wales. Sydney is a colourful city full of many attraction sites including Harbour Bridge. This bridge has been built with a lot of expertise not only for travelling purposes but also as a beautiful site in the city. It is one among many destinations is Australia that attract thousands of local and international tourist every year It is liked by many because of strategic location of the place. The Manly beaches offer beautiful scenes with fresh and cool air from the beach. Sydney is among major cities in the world that host music festivals which attracts both local.


Jane Robert, Australian Visa. 

Located in northern territory, it is among the most beautiful places that attracts many visitors every year. It attracts many tourists both local and international. The site host music festivals that attracts more visitors has many fresh water lakes that provide cool air, a rain forest which have many species of fauna and flora. Enjoy diving with scuba diving equipment and enjoy yourself. It is such a great place for individual, family, friends or relative visit.

The Island of Fraser

Jane Robert, Australian Visa.

Fraser Island is one of the most popular destinations in Australia. It is situated along the southern coast of Queensland. It has over 100 freshwater lakes, Lake McKenzie, Perched Lake are the most beautiful ones among all other lakes. Some lakes here said to be the cleanest lakes in the world. There are rainforests, eucalyptus woodland, mangrove forests. This island is among the top largest sandy highlands in the all world. It is estimated to have over 120 kilometers of beautiful beaches that thousands of both local and foreign tourist visits every moth.

The Bay of ByronAustralia's 5 Best Destinations. Jane Robert, Australian Visa.

(Photo Courtesy: Richard Rydge)

It is found at the southern parts of new Wales. It boarders Queensland to the south, this site is among the most known tourist destinations that accommodate an estimate of one million tourist every year It is not only a special tourist attraction site but also a good destination for local residents to spend their time with the family and friends. The site hosts wide range of music festivals that are meant to entertain the visitors. The festivals range from traditional performance, vocal songs and modern songs. This festival does not only attract local musicians but also international artists. It has scuba diving games that make the site more interesting, the weather is cool with beautiful pristine beaches along the beach. It has always remained one of the most tourist attraction sites in Australia every year.

Melbourne VIC

Jane Robert, Australian Visa.

(Photo Courtesy: pierlite)

It is among the largest cities that offer various dining options and many shopping malls that carry important collections for you Melbourne host cultural events every season and important sporting activities that attracts international and local players. It is also considered as one of themost scenic place for modern roads. It is estimated to host thousands of visitors every year because of its well refurnished sites. Plan your visit well in advance and enjoy touring Australia.

PS: The photos that don’t mention the source are provided by Jane Robert.

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4 thoughts on “Australia’s 5 Best Destinations

  1. beautiful photos,island of fraser and the bay of Byron.need to visit,
    send a group of 12 lovely ladies on a tour of queensland,enjoyed their travel, coach cairns-rokhampton-Brisbane,
    had tours places visited and enjoyed,love to tour Melbourne next year,
    maybe you can provide information/tours/accomadation/etc.
    travel consultant.

  2. Hi Cathy,
    I’m very glad that you liked the photos, hope you will be able to visit those places yourself one day soon :). Happy to hear that your group enjoyed their travel. I’d be happy to help you with more information accommodation and tours in Melbourne. Please, stay tuned and keep in touch later again.


  3. Hi Jane, very nice pictures. Although I think that where Fraser Island is mentioned, the picture is from Victoria’s coastline. Looks like (a part of) The Twelve Apostles or elsewhere along the Shipwreck Coast?
    I spent 1 year down under (1991) mainly as bushwalker and working when my wallet demanded it.
    Been to Fraser island and it was one of those experiences I won’t forget. The different lakes, the cleanness (hardly littered, wonder how it is now) and beautiful birdlife. I spent a day or 3 I think and I remember my shortwave wireantenna is probably still hanging from a bush there…
    Byron bay was beautiful. I remember people come here to watch whales at certain times of the year. The YHA was fun.
    When in Melbourne I went to the top of the Rialto, back then the tallest building in the state. But construction was ongoing for the ‘Pinnacle’, an even higher building. Perhaps that is surpassed as well by now by a newer one.
    Sydney was wonderful, espescially with a friend who acted as a local guide. I love the harbourtaxi’s, the botanical gardens with its fruitbats and ofcourse the Sydney Tower. Great pics taken from up there!
    Eventhough I had the chance to travel to Uluru I decided not to out of respect for this sacred site to the Abo’s. I know thousand of tourists climb the rock yearly but I didn’t want to be the next ‘sheep’…
    Instead I took an extended canoo-tour on the Katherine river during the dry. Unforgettable experience!
    I wonder if I ever gonna make it back to Oz but I know on forehand there’s more to see than one can fetch in a lifetime!

  4. Bert,
    the photos that don’t mention the author are provided by Jane and I guess she purchased them from smb. I read both of your comments here and on Linkedin. As I mentioned on Linkedin, I really liked the way you shared with us your experience in Fraser Island. It’s like a special post about sightseeings that you enjoyed to travel. You mentioned the beautiful places and I believe that it will be very helpful for those who plan to travel there. I hope that you one day you will visit your favorite places again, and you are welcome to share it with us on NurTravel Blog 🙂

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