Explore The World By Cycling Tours: Ride25

Explore The World By Cycling Tours: Ride25

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A New and Flexible Way to Travel Around the World.

Checking news and updates using my Linkedin profile, I noticed an interesting and innovative travel commercial shared by one of my Linkedin contacts. The commercial titled ” Explore The World…Leg By Leg”  and was offered by Ride25.

The title of the commercial attracted my attention and I decided to watch it, that as a result led me to do some search and write a special post about the Ride25’s project. Doing some google search, I found out that this unusual offer is a great travel adventure opportunity for cycle and bike riders. It is a new, flexible way to cycle around the world and explore it!

The cycle adventure is split into 25 tours and a travel cyclist commits to one tour at a time, comprising 4 days’ cycling and between 70-90 miles in a day. The trips involve groups of between 50–100 people, including people from all backgrounds, such  Olympic athletes to businessmen and women, university students to full-time mums.

Ride25 provides travel cyclists with meals, snack and drinks, hotel accommodation, support vehicles, trained and experienced staff, personalized cycling shirts with badges, and a special celebratory meal at the final destination to applaud everyone’s achievements. The travelers also will be provided Wi-Fi hotspots to share photos, statuses from anywhere in the world, whether at the top of a mountain or in a rural town at the back of beyond.

Be informed that insurance is not included in the package, so, you have to take care of your insurance yourself. It is compulsory for all cyclists who travel with Ride25 to be covered by their own travel insurance, including bicycle and all equipments cyclists have. Besides insurance, travel cyclists need to have their own bike, bike box hire and personal navigation system because they are not offered by Bike25.

The cycle tour starts from 3 three different designations (London, Manchester, Bristol) leading to Paris, then continues from Paris to Geneva, and from Geneva to Milan. It costs £1250 with £250 deposit, including the whole package offered by Ride25 mentioned above.

Ride25 also encourages travel cyclists to fundraise for their chosen charity as they donate a bike to Africa.

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