The Best Ride Sharing Apps in Bay Area, California

The Best Ride Sharing Apps in Bay Area, California

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Uber is a free mobile app that connects you with a driver from low cost to premium. It takes 2 minutes to get a nice car in your door. There is no tipping in Uber. The policy says that tipping is included, however, the drivers don’t get any tips. There are 4 types of vehicle services for Uber in Bay Area.

  • UberX  includes an everyday car with seating for up to four people. This is Uber’s budget option. It costs cheaper than taxi
  • Taxi has an agreement with Uber. Uber Taxis are much like any normal taxi, except that you can pay through the app.
  • Black Car is Uber’s original service. Uber Black Car includes high-end sedans with seating for up to 4 people.
  • Uber SUV is more expensive than the Black Car service. It includes seating for up to 6 people and has enough space for luggages. It is a great option for airport limo service.

Although Uber provides black car and SUV vehicle services, the app itself has technical problems regularly. The app is either freezing or charge higher price. It is better to book a limo service ahead that offers a fair price. It is especially important for airport pick up or drop off in order to be at the airport on time. Naz Limo is a limo service company that offers luxury black car and SUVs for airport transportation. Naz Limo also includes special events limo service, San Francisco city tour limo service, Silicon Valley City Tour limo service, Napa Valley limo service. This company is based in Burlingame, California and works in whole Bay Area. 

How to use Uber app?

  1. Download Uber on iPhone or Download Uber on Android
  2. Make a registration
  3. Add your credit card information
  4. Open Uber map and tap to set your pickup location.
  5. Request your ride and a driver will accept.
  6. Enter the address of your destination.
  7. After pickup, the driver will see your destination
  8. You get the route and ETA
  9. You rate the Uber driver at the end of your trip
  10. Uber driver rates you too

Lyft is a ride share free mobile app that works different than Uber. Through the Lyft app, you can track your driver’s route, see a photo of your driver, and see what kind of car they’re driving. You need to log in to Lyft either using your Facebook account or phone number. Left has optional tipping. You can tip through the app. There are 4 types of vehicle services for Lyft in Bay Area:

  • Lyft is the cheapest ride. Lyft is a big rival for UberX. You can use it either solo or up to three friends
  • Lyft Line is the best one to share ride with others going the same way for a lower price.
  • Lyft Plus is a six-passenger ride with a more space for your staff. Left Plus is unsuccessful competitor for Uber SUV.

How to use Lyft app:

  1. Download Lyft on iPhone or Download Lyft on Android
  2. Login either with your Facebook account or phone number
  3. You will get a verification code
  4. Add you credit card to your Lyft account
  5. Open Lyft map and tap the balloon showing your location
  6. Tap request lyft
  7. The app charges you automatically when the ride is over
  8. You rate the driver at the en of your trip

Sidecar is the only ride share app that lets you choose your car, driver, price and ETA. You can choose drivers by lowest price from a list of rides. Sidecar also offers Sidecar Deliveries packages that you can use as a same-day delivery for prepared and Hot Foods, Groceries and Fresh Foods.

How to use Sidecar Ride App:

  1. Download Sidecar on iPhone or Download Sidecar on Android
  2. Choose the driver from a list
  3. Know the exact price before you confirm your ride.
  4. Request a ride and watch your driver approach in real-time.
  5. You rate the driver at the en of your trip

Carma Carpooling is the world’s only verified carpool application. The Carma app ( matches you with nearby people who want to share trips. You can browse profiles, send messages and even invite friends, neighbors or colleagues if you don’t find any matches nearby. You can choose to make the return trip with the same person or with someone else. The cost of the drive gets shared also. The riders pay roughly $0.20 per mile via automatic in-app transfers. Just don’t forget to tap ‘start trip’ when you hop in, and ‘end trip’ when you hop out.

How to Use Carma Carpooling App

  1. Download Carma Carpooling on iPhone or Download Carma Carpooling on Android
  2. Sign up for Carma Carpooling
  3. Register your FasTrak details in the app
  4. Log your HOV toll lane carpools with Carma

Wingz mobile app enables passengers to book door-to-door airport rides. You select your pick-up, drop-of location and time. Then you can preview the itinerary and the flat rate before you book the car. After submitting all the booking information, Wingz will select and connect you to your driver. You will be provided with the driver’s profile and vehicle information. Your booking will be reserved with your selected credit card. The pros is that you will only pay once the ride is completed.

How to Use Wingz App

  1. Download Wingz on iPhone or download Wingz on Android. You can also book your ride on
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen and define exactly the airport ride you need: airport, pick-up address, date & time, options.
  3. Post your ride request. It is immediately sent to available drivers.
  4. Get notified by text and email when your request is accepted.
  5. Get notified by text when your driver is on his way.
  6. You can cancel your ride when you want by clicking “Cancel”. Get to know Wingz cancellation policies by clicking here.
  7. Once at destination you are notified by text that the ride is done and you can review your driver.
  8. Your credit card is charged only after the ride. Tipping is optional and given through the app.

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