The Best Turkish Airlines Commercial “Dreaming” Igdir Airport

The Best Turkish Airlines Commercial “Dreaming” Igdir Airport

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I like to watch commercials in my free time because I think commercials create an image of a company and give us some idea about it’s goal and purpose, and plus it is fun for me :). The topic of the commercial can be various, including perfume, insurance, food or any social ads. However, I prefer to watch travel commercials mostly, because of my present ‘occupation’, as I travel blogger.

If I’d compare the best commercials by countries, Turkish ads are on my top list. Because they are very creative, real life based stories, make us see the problems and their solutions, and either we are really touched by the story that tear appears on our eyes, or we laugh from heart, if they are funny. The second comes French, then English ads. I don’t want to be offensive but I am not a fan of American commercials, as I think they are less creative, monochrome, and they mostly have the same idea. We all know that computer and technology is well developed in the US but not marketing, especially commercial section. I don’t want to concentrate to the problems American ads, as my topic is about the Best Turkish Airlines Commercial that I watched recently.

Turkish Airlines commercial entitled “Dreaming” Igdir Airport became very famous in Turkey and in Azerbaijan. The commercial is in Turkish language. I loved this commercial so much that decided to write a special post about it with English translation.  I hope it will help you to get the main idea of the commercial.

The scene of the commercial has been captured in Igdir. Iğdır is the capital of Iğdır Province in the Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey. Turkey’s highest mountain, Mount Ararat (Ağrı Dağı) is in Iğdır, but much of the land is a wide plain far below the mountain. 

Four kids watch the airplane flying to Istanbul dreaming that  he flies to their province too. They discuss if the airplane would fly to their province, some of them don’t believe but one of them thinks that if he (probably the pilot) would like he might come to their province. This dream encourages kids to try various ways to grab pilot’s attention, so he would fly to their province. They collect stones and write “Igdir Airport”, hang flags and immediately run and shout “we are here, come here”, and give solute when they see the airplane flying over. However, airplane flies away and no one notices them. In this case they decide to grab lamps from the wedding and again put them together, so the pilot could see them. They plug the lights on and again shouts ‘we are here, come here” when the airplane flies. Airplane doesn’t stop and it upsets the kids.

The next morning they see the airplane flying to their direction and shout in a happy voice”came, came”. They see the airplane landing on their province and immediately run there. The local people stand in a line with Turkish national flags on their hand and meet the travelers leaving the airplane. The pilot leaves the airplane as well and he gives special solute to kids and winks to them. It makes kids very happy.

The author gives the best message on a background at the end of the Turkish Airlines Commercial “Dreaming” Igdir Airport. He says “Why do we need to fly all over the world, if we still have some places left in Turkey?!”

I hope that translation of the Turkish Airlines Commercial helped you to get the main idea. Now tell me, how is it possible to dislike such an interesting commercial? 🙂

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